Rajasthan: Teen DJ expires in celebratory shooting in Bharatpur’s Khoh police station region | Jaipur News


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JAIPUR: A small was murdered in celebratory shooting in Bharatpur’s Khoh police station region on Sunday night. The individual was supposedly involved with the music section of this role and was murdered when one of those marriage parties opened fire using an illegal weapon.
Mukul Kohli, 17, died on the place nevertheless, nobody was arrested yet.
Prem Bhaskar, SHO, Khoh police station, told TOI,”The small was the DJ for a wedding happening on Sunday night. We obtained the report, however no criticism or FIR was registered yet. But, we’ll take cognizance of the fact that because the small has been taken and killed. We’ll inquire into the issue no matter the criticism”
The minor’s body has been handed over to the household after post-mortem.
Cops are still awaiting the dead person’s household to register a situation. “This really is a really significant case as not just weddings in this scale are permitted, but a kid was murdered. Hence, no matter whether the household registers a situation or not, we’ll probe the thing,” the official added.
In a similar situation in 2016, excess drinking had soured the marriage parties in Alwar’s Kotkasim whenever the brother of the groom, that had been shooting indiscriminately from the air while dancing, shot a 28-year-old guest. The guy died on the place. The accused was detained. Police officials had stated the wedding procession had come to Badhana village at Kotkasim region from Jorasi village in Haryana. Twenty six-year-old Devendra Singh, the overenthusiastic brother of the groom, got drunk and fired a few rounds at the atmosphere.


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