Rajasthan political catastrophe: 8-member team included to research audio clip instance | Jaipur News


Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot.

JAIPUR: A eight-member group was constituted to inquire into the situation where individuals were supposedly heard discussing efforts to ditch the Ashok Gehlot authorities in both sound clips which moved viral. The group is led by an SP standing officer.
Special Operations Group (SOG) officials applied at a Jaipur courtroom Saturday to seek consent for accepting voice samples of those people discovered in the records.
The SOG enrolled two FIRs on Friday following a criticism by Congress chief whip Mahesh Joshi over sensed allegations to topple the ruling authorities in Rajasthan.
Among those two FIRs cited Congress MLA Bhanwarlal Sharma, Gajendra Singh and Sanjay Jain. The FIRs were lodged after two sound clips moved viral where the trio may be heard talking alleged horse-trading of MLAs.
According to a single FIR, Sharma and Jain were discovered speaking about getting a decent number of MLAs to topple the Ashok Gehlot government.
Following this, Jain patched the telephone using Singh who talked with Sharma concerning the Congress MLAs staying in the hotel. In accordance with the sound clip cited in the FIR,” Singh and Sharma talked about a’record’ where the latter’s title isn’t there. According to the next FIR, two governmental leaders were heard speaking about an exchange of cash and a few of the callers claimed that’their folks dwelling in Delhi have received the first instalment of the money payment’. The identical person claimed he could be travelling from Agra. Both then discussed deciding the upcoming actions.


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