Rajasthan: Mother, 2 children drown in water tank at Churu | Jaipur News


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JAIPUR: A mom together with her two children murdered in a water tank at Churu’s Salasar police station area on Thursday.
The cops are questioning her husband about the deaths. While they are yet to ascertain the cause of deaths, the officials asserted that it might be an instance of unintentional drowning.
The dead had been identified as Suman Devi (28) along with her kids Urmi (6 ) ) and Pradeep (2).
“In accordance with this preliminary evaluation, it seems that the 2 kids were playing near the water tank while the mom had been working in the areas. Depending on the original inputsignal, the kids fell to the tank after the mother jumped to rescue them,” said an official of Salasar police channel.
The officials asserted that only a couple of days ago, a villager had warned Suman the tank was heavy as it was overflowing as a result of recent storms and the kids shouldn’t be permitted to play close with no adult supervision.
“We’re questioning her loved ones but in the time of this episode, Suman’s husband had been working at a different area of the village because a contractual labourer. We’ve discovered no suicide note and there was not anything questionable to indicate it might be deliberate drowning,” added the official.
But, cops also stated that today they aren’t ruling out any chances and the thing remains under investigation.
Elaborating further, the Devil said,”it’s too early to determine whether it was suicide because we’ve not found any evidence to indicate that the dead girl was confronting some marital dispute. Her husband remains in a state of shock and we’ll question him further for additional information from the event”.
The bodies of the deceased have been passed over to their loved ones following autopsies on Friday.


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