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JAIPUR: The erstwhile royal family of Mewar, a direct descendant of Maharana Pratap, has transitioned to the downsizing and modifications made into a chapter about the 16twentieth century king at the revised Course X social science e-textbook from the Congress government in the nation.
The household has requested the state education department to provide proof to the promises made from the chapter or they ought to get rid of the contentious contents out of the book instantly. The chapter Pratap calls him’impatient, lacked moderation and control’ while listing the explanations for his failure at the battle of Haldighati.


Frequent Upgrades of history textbooks have become politicised and so are no more academic exercises according to new findings. In the previous four decades, textbooks are revised twice at the country, which abandoned a set of controversies in its aftermath instead of becoming a topic of academic discussion. These alterations have come in a considerable financial cost to the citizen and reflect ideological/political racks of judgment dispensations. The collection of controversies have shaken the confidence of pupils in addition to parents in the ethics of textbooks. The undue focus on rewriting history is among the explanations for its stagnant learning results witnessed among pupils over this age. The authorities of the day could do better if they ceased cooperating in critical and critical academic exercises.

The revision of Colleges has been completed from the Congress government shortly after they came to power 2018. Reports state the material of Maharana Pratap was decreased by 40% by the preceding book written throughout the prior BJP government.
The downsizing was performed from the class X published and e-book edition of’Sangharshkalin Bharat (1206 AD -1757 AD) whereas the objectionable remarks were inserted just in the e-book which sparked the controversy off.
The e-book states”Senanayak me pratikul paristhitiyon me jis dhairya, sanyam aur yojana ki avashyakta honi chahiye, Pratap me uska abhav tha. (Pratap lacked the feeling of solitude and patience throughout the unfavourable circumstances).
Reacting to the portrayal of his forefather, Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar, member of royal royal family of Mewar, told TOI that it’s unfortunate that regular modifications are being made in the textbooks that would confuse a creation.
“The valour and courage of Maharana Pratap was recorded on the grounds of rightful signs by the historians of all ages and period directly from the Sixteenth century. I’d love to understand whether individuals that are writing chapters on Pratap have the experience together. If not, then it’s an insult to the society and students,” explained Mewar.
The household also voiced their displeasure over the downsizing of significant and relevant parts of the lifetime of their Pratap compared to the contents in the past publication that was written by CS Sharma, the history instructor of Meera Girls College, Udaipur,’Maharana Pratap are Haldighati Ka Yudh.’
“As a writer, with no consent or intimation, the textbook committee has revised, downsized and credited content that wasn’t written by me is a offence. I didn’t disapprove of the modifications they’ve made that are away from truth,” said Sharma.
He remarked that the missing part of the published textbook includes 6-7 episodes which emphasize the kind-heartedness, valour, egalitarianism and judiciousness of all Pratap. Maharana Pratap’s son Amar Singh had detained the household of army leader Abdul Rahim Khankhana at 1580. Pratap got mad at his son and led him to discharge the household as he did not approve of assaulting the household of enemies.
Reacting to the controversy, BM Sharma, convener of this textbook revision committee, concurred the textbook revision does not occur without political interference. “The contents of this e-book were written by a writer that has been requested to clarify his stance,” said Sharma, who accepted the changes in first position and delivered it into the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE) for printing and uploading. But, it’s not apparent that the material that’s accessible was sent to print. TOI repeatedly approached state education minister Govind Singh Dotasra.


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