Rajasthan: Jawai Bandh caves closed with rocks, hyenas displaced | Jaipur News


Document pic of a hyena beyond the cave

JAIPUR: Hyenas are made to wander external cave entrances which were blocked with rocks in Jawai Bandh Leopard Conservation.
These caves at the book, which has been used to be houses to hyenas and leopards, are presently a plot of conniving government apathy and individual greed. The cries and sight of those hyenas have appalled wildlife activists, which in accordance with these is a deliberate effort to induce the wild animals away from the region.
Many such cases are closed in ignorance of woods officials. Even after repeated complaints from activists, police have not taken any actions. “The forest department must register a case against those miscreants for ruining wild animal habitats,” stated a local wildlife enthusiast.
A senior forest official stated,”We’ve sought a study on this issue in the assistant conservator of forests (ACF). The thing has been discussed with Pali collector and actions will be taken.”
These temples are an essential component of the habitat of Jawai Dam book inhabitants. Hyena, leopards and other wild creatures dwell in security of those caves. It was because of the that the area was declared a conservation reserve.
As many slopes are on pasture and government property, vacationers are finding it simple to encroach since the district government is turning a blind eye on the matter.
Gafar Khan, a wildlife enthusiast stated,”After sunset, these hyenas leave their temples and reunite following the sunrise. Duting the moment, encroachers place stones and obstruct the seas”
The Jawai Bandh woods was formerly a closed wildlife place. About February 23, 2010, the state authorities announced it since Jawai Bandh Leopard Conservation Reserve. Since that time, it has established a powerful example of wildlife peacefully co-existing together with people. “If caves are ruined, both the leopards and hyena will depart the region or man-animal conflicts will grow,” said Ravi Singh, a wildlife photographer.


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