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JAIPUR: Keeping in view the upsurge at Covid-19 positive instances and to protect against the spread of this disease, the state authorities on Saturday night issued an order to govern inter-state motion of individuals. This is actually the second time that the state administration has issued this order to modulate movement of individuals within a month.
According to the arrangement issued by ACS home Rohit Kumar Singh,”All persons who want to move beyond the state shall have to get a pass from among those offices, including — collector and district magistrate; commissioner of police/DCP/SP; SDM; deputy SP and neighborhood police station”
For the entrance of individuals from outside the country by road (personal bus/taxi/personal transportation ), it says,”Such persons will be screened in the checkpost to be set on the inter-state boundaries, where private IDs would also need to get checked.”
The next group of persons will be exempted from the need for a pass for traveling outside the country, following verification of travel/other records — people that are travelling by scheduled flight/train/RSRTC bus July 12 with former confirmed reservation and also for people with reasons for private emergency (death, accident in immediate household or instantaneous racing for hospitalisation), later due verification.
“It’s come to the notice of this state authorities that unrestricted movement of people throughout the state boundaries has emerged among the most important sources for the upsurge in cases,” read this purchase.
“Instances have come to light where taxpayers of this country have engaged in social gatherings such as unions etc. from the neighbouring countries, got infected with inter-state boundaries and have, consequently, infected most of the connections also,” said the purchase.
“Keeping in view the successful measures taken by the state authorities thus far, for preventing the spread of Covid-19, and in the interest of general security, it is now necessary to control the inter-state motion of individuals,” it added.
It says that entrance of individuals from outside the state shall be controlled as follows — people coming by global flights: in compliance with the SOP for motion of Indian nationals stranded out the nation issued by ministry of home affairs, GOI.
For individuals coming to country by scheduled national business flights/train/bus, it says,”Though some comprehensive security protocols have been followed boarding at all of the airports, such individuals might be screened on arrival at the destination airport/railway station/bus stand inside Rajasthan.”
Additionally, it claims that a counter will be installed by the district government in the airports, railway stations and bus racks which may provide on-the-spot moves after due verification of IDs. “But persons using for pass at these counters must get to the airport/railway station/bus stand well beforehand, before the period of passing.”
“For people travelling outside the country by road (other than scheduled bus – RSRTC etc) screening of men and verification of all pass/IDs will be guaranteed in the checkposts,” it states.


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