Rajasthan: Father of little woman who was molested discovered dangling from a tree | Jaipur News


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ALWAR: A 46-year old guy, father of a little girl who had been molested lately, was discovered hanging out of a tree a few 500 metres from his home at Balot Nagar of Alwar district on Wednesday.
His relatives have filed a police complaint alleging Anis, who had been accused of molesting the woman, had murdered the 46-year old guy and hanged him in the tree. The criticism said the accused was forcing woman’s family to undermine.
Son of those deceased, Pankaj Kumar said somebody had cried from outside his home asking his dad to come from the home. He explained that his dad went from the home and didn’t return. He said his sister had attempted to kill himself by jumping into a well over June 18. However, the villagers prevented her from doing this.
(The victim’s identity has not been shown to protect her privacy according to Supreme Court directives on cases related to sexual assault)


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