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BJP employees celebrate with firecrackers the base stone-laying ceremoney of Ram Temple at Ayodhya in part…Read More

JAIPUR: Special prayers to mark the foundation stone laying ceremony of Ram temple at Ayodhya was held in the Senate home, homes of country ministers, party offices and families.
Governor Kalraj Mishra held a Sunder Kand (recitation of hymns) before a photo of Lord Ram in the governor home. The service was attended with his wife and his personal staff. “I’m mesmerised by the bhoomi pujan service in Ayodhya,” said Mishra within an official launch.
The BJP office in Jaipur has been the epicentre of parties in the nation. It had been cleaned in the morning and adorned with flowers and vibrant rangolis by its own leaders. Special arrangements were made to live telecast the service from Ayodhya from the central hallway.
The programme began with a prayer in front of a king-size image of Lord Ram from BJP state president Satish Poonia. Slogans for example Jai Siya Ram were increased throughout the whole programme broadcast live from Ayodhya. Following the service, the BJP leaders came outside to greet celebration employees gathered in huge numbers and distributed candy.
The party did not stop here. At sunset, celebration employees lit firecrackers and bulbs to share their happiness.
“I’m one of those lucky men and women who might not have noticed the battle for Freedom but engaged in the temple motion double. It required 500 decades and forfeit of several devotees to find the historical moment that’ll take India into the path of being a superpower,” explained Poonia.
Former chief minister Vasundhara Raje remembered the donation made by her loved ones. At a tweet, she spoke about how her mum Vijaya Raje Scindia had engaged in a celebration meeting where the suggestion of launching grand Ram temple had been discussed and she’d confronted the accusations of demolishing the disputed structure.
Union jal shakti minister Gajendra Sigh Rathore shared an older photograph of kar sevaks using a tweet sharing which he had been one of those blessed who’d engaged in the delegation of volunteers from Jodhpur in 1992. “Lord Ram is constantly within our hearts and he will be in his birthplace also,” said Singh.
The judgment Congress was not supporting in holding prayers and observing the moment. Transportation ministry Pratap Singh Khachariyawas offered prayers at Lord Ram temple in his home and began a two-day Ramayan Course (recitation of Ramayan) to mark the event. He declared to contribute his two weeks of his wages along with a silver brick to Ram temple following the meeting session. “Lord Ram cannot be split into any religion, caste, creed or area. He belongs to everybody,” explained Khachariyawas.
On the event, MP Diya Kumari offered prayers at the historical Shri Sita Ramdwara Temple in City Palace.
“The religion of the religious individuals not just in India but across the world can also be associated with that. Everybody was excited about this moment for ages. There’s an air of celebration all around,” stated Kumari. Later in the day, the town palace was illuminated with lamps.


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