Rajasthan: Anti-corruption agency sends notices to suspended Congress MLAs | Jaipur News


Vishwendra Singh

JAIPUR: The anti-corruption agency has sent notices to MLA Bhanwarlal Sharma and former tourism minister Vishwendra Singh after the FIR lodged by Congress chief whip Mahesh Joshi asserting that the accused had been in cahoots with other people to topple the country authorities.
Joshi had supplied two sound recordings to the bureau where the politicians had been allegedly heard speaking about horse-trading of MLAs.
Dinesh M N (ADG, ACB) stated,”The finds are delivered to the 2 people to document their bills in the issue. The finds are delivered to their residences.The music clips are delivered into the FSL for assessing their validity.”
From the complaint filed on Friday,” Joshi had cited the names of 3 people who had been heard from the sound clips — MLA Bhanwarlal Sharma, Sanjay Jain and Gajendra Singh –, even though it doesn’t specify whether it was the voice of the Union minister. From both clips, no titles were shot in one of these though sources maintained that the dialogue was between the former tourism minister and Gajendra Singh. On Saturdaythe ACB registered an FIR under the Prevention of Corruption Act.
On June 10, the ACB had received a complaint from Joshi in relationship with sensed horse-trading of MLAs after they began a discreet investigation into the topic.
Following the Special Operations Group (SOG) detained two businessmen whose telephone conversation was apprehended by officials, ACB had initiated a preliminary investigation into the participation of three separate MLAs who had been seemingly supplying money to governmental leaders on behalf of BJP however they’re not yet been contested in the issue. The alleged agent, Jain, was arrested in the issue.
“Currently, Jain is under arrest by SOG and we’ll question him when the need arises as the analysis progresses,” added the officer.


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