Rajasthan: All five accused in Dausa gangrape case detained | Jaipur News


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JAIPUR: Dausa authorities have detained the fifth accused in the gangrape of a hearing and language impaired woman that was reported on August 8 though the woman had been brutally attacked four days before that.
Dausa ASP Anil Chauhan said,”We’ve the accused in our custody. This is a heinous offense and we’re exploring it immediately in order that no accused receives off. There are opportunities that over five men were involved that likely didn’t rape the woman however molested her in a different manner. We’ll grab them too. The accused had shot the woman near a temple and called the others to take part. We can’t dismiss the part of the others in this offense.”
Based on data, the accused kidnapped the woman around 11 am and chucked her back into the village about 5 pm during which time they kept calling other people to rape her. Through resources cops discovered that two accused her close to a temple and then phoned other people to benefit from this circumstance.
The woman’s mother had gone from the village and returned to August 6 and then she realised that something was amiss. Finding any advice in the kid was hard for cops as a result of challenges that the minor was confronting but she gave names of those accused who were from precisely the exact same village as her.
An instance of gangrape, abduction in addition to beneath POCSO Act was registered. The minor’s medical evaluation was completed and physicians claimed that luckily she didn’t suffer any significant injuries, maintained officials.


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