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JAIPUR: More girls in the country are embracing injectable contraceptives popularly called Antara.
Compared to 88,000 injectable contraceptives utilized by girls in 2018-19, the numbers climbed to 99,496 at 2019-20. The health division published the statistics on the event of World Population Day on Saturday.
“We’ve attained 90percent of the goal of injectable contraceptives, which can be quite satisfactory. We’d set a goal of 1,10 lakh girls, but despite Covid, we attained 90percent of the goal,” explained Dr Girish Dwivedi, project manager (family planning).
All these are free of price effective contraceptives, which can be secure but it might cause irregular bleeding in some women following the initial dose, health department officials said. Four doses of shots at equal periods will protect against pregnancy for a year. Secondly dose is awarded three weeks following the initial dose.
The government has introduced it as an alternative for spacing between two kids without operation. The methods for spacing are postpartum intrauterine devices (PPIUD) that require minor surgery and tablets that remain effective for a very brief moment.
The country will popularise Antara farther in another fortnight since the country will observe population stabilization fortnight in July 11 to July 24 where the officials will inspire individuals to embrace family planning steps.
Rajasthan’s overall fertility rate (TFR) is 2.5 and the state government is planning to deliver it down to 2.1 children per qualified couple.
TFR is the average number of children born to women during their reproductive years. Health minister Raghu Sharma explained that people stabilisation is must to bring down TFR from 2.5 to 2.1.
While hammering a state-level programme in the event of World Population Day, he felicitated associations and people who worked exceptionally well in public stabilization.
He explained for popularizing family planning procedures along with other health and social strategies, they’ve identified swasthya mitras,” 1 man and one girl, in each 41,645 earnings villages. All swasthya mitras will probably be entirely trained until July 15. With the support of all swasthya mitras, the country will proceed toward fulfilling the Nirogi Rajasthan campaign.


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