Rajasthan: 2 women drown in Jhalawar | Jaipur News


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KOTA: 2 small women , who were cousins, drowned while bathing at the Cunder Asnawar police channel of Jhalawar district on Wednesday.
The figures were recovered on the night of Wednesday and Thursday as soon as they surfaced and have been handed over to their loved ones following postmortem on Thursday morning.
Sunita, 14, daughter of Ramlal Gurjar along with her uncle Laxmibai, 13, daughter of Narayan Gurjar, were inhabitants of Barodiya village.
Both had gone to take bath at the river Wednesday noon and because they understood swimming quite well, they progressed ahead in the coast into deep seas and were more likely to have lost control over breathing and drowned, police officer in Asnawar police channel Balchand Gurjar said.
The family members came to understand more about the episode around two hours afterwards following which they advised police about 4pm on Wednesday. A rescue operation was initiated, but the women wouldn’t be able to be followed until late night, but around 10pm among those bodies had been seen floating afar from the river while another body surfaced about 1am, he added.
Based on relatives, the deceased women were great swimmers and would visit the river every day for bathroom. Police lodged a case of unnatural death under Department 174 of CrPC for additional evaluation, he added.


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