Rain weakens base of apartments constructed by JMC for its inadequate | Jaipur News


With water seeping into the structuresthey can fall anytime

JAIPUR: Countless apartments assembled under Rajiv Awas Yojana in 2015 for lower income groups in town’s Sanjay Nagar Bhatta Basti continue lying empty using water seeping into the constructions that might cause their fall during heavy rains.
Over 1,500 apartments, assembled by Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC), have not been allotted to anybody. Heavy rain on Friday last generated havoc in town and also the bases of these houses are weakened.
Altaf Ahmad, a resident of this slum, said substantial rain on August 14 covered the whole region under 4 ft water. “Since that moment, large pits are produced under the apartments that could be harmful,” said Ahmad.
Individuals from the slum (Kacchi Basti) nearby are still living in pitiful conditions with lots of still calculating the declines of rain. “I took Rs 30,000 loan to build the wall in my courtyard however those rains just swept away everything. I really don’t understand how am I supposed to repay ” Stated Shamina, resident of this slum.
Exactly behind Shamina’s home remains Sabina Bibi who home was severely damaged due to the rains. She’s currently living in neighbor’s home till she can organize some money to build again.
Iqbal Khan, an old watchman of apartments made on a monthly wages from the JMC, stated lately a few people began to reside within the apartments having a goal of encroaching it.
“Police afterwards arrived and eliminated the encroachers. But why can not government only allot these apartments to the destitute. Already people have suffered significant losses in the rains and those apartments are a lifesaver for inferior men and women that are still paying monthly rent,” said Khan.


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