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ACB officials coming from Sanjay Jain’s house in Jaipur

JAIPUR: ACB teams conducted raids in different properties of Sanjay Jain at Jaipur and Bikaner and captured a cheque of Rs 2.9 lakh and jewelry. Jain, who had been arrested because of his participation in the alleged conspiracy to topple the Congress administration, will probably maintain ACB’s custody until August 11.
“The hunts were conducted in his houses in Jaipur’s Bani Park too in his parental home in Bikaner’s Lunkaransar. We regained a CPU and will attempt to acquire more info saved inside. The cheque also must be considered to figure out who gave it to Jain and also the objective. Few pieces of jewelry were recovered however, they weren’t so full of value,” stated an ACB official who’s a part of this analysis.
Jain was detained after audio clips where he had been heard speaking to other politicians concerning potential toppling of the judgment authorities went viral. He was originally detained by the Special Operations Group (SOG) and afterwards by the ACB on creation warrant. Officials maintained they will interrogate him further to acquire additional information to the issue in addition to research his bank account.
Cops are also very likely to seek his additional possessions and his workplace in Jaipur. From the complaint filed on July 11, Congress chief whip Mahesh Joshi had cited the names of 3 people who were heard from the sound clips — MLA Bhanwarlal Sharma, Jain and Gajendra Singh –, even though it doesn’t specify whether it had been the voice of the Union minister.
On Saturday, the ACB registered an FIR under the Prevention of Corruption Act. On June 10, the ACB had received a complaint from Joshi in relationship with sensed horse-trading of MLAs after they began a private investigation into the topic.
The 3 instances filed by SOG were handed on to the ACB and according to sources, the latter registered an FIR in among these Saturday evening naming Ashok Singh and Bharat Malani from the horse-trading case. The duo was detained by SOG on July 11 following their conversation was recorded in they learned about perceived efforts to overthrow the Congress government.


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