Postpone civic surveys by 3 weeks: Congress into Rajasthan SEC | Jaipur News


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JAIPUR: As elections to 129 municipal bodies (nagar palika) are scheduled to be held this season, the Congress on Thursday advocated the state election commission (SEC) to postpone it by three weeks considering increasing Covid cases.
The BJP, however, stated it was prepared to take part in the electoral process if the government was ready to run it. Meanwhile, the state election commissioner P S Mehra cited examples of nations that ran surveys amidst the outbreak. The SEC has also hunted the hottest Covid data in the health division , which is filed in a few days. The LSG division had urged the SEC to postpone the surveys.
“We’d said if the government and SEC are all set to run polls (in this scenario ), we’re up for this. If they could run it by ensuring social distancing and after Covid criteria, then we’re all set to take part in the electoral procedure. We also proposed them to run their own survey and issue rules to the surveys as it can not be postponed forever,” said BJP’s Nahar Singh, who attended the assembly.
Congress’ Satyendra Bhardwaj stated,”Looking the in the climbing Covid instances, we proposed that the polls have been postponed for three weeks. After three weeks, they ought to run an overview of the situation and choose. I also mentioned a Supreme Court judgment (Kishan Singh Tomar instance ) where the court deferred the surveys in Ahmedabad.”
“While they (SEC) said the amount of respondents in each polling booth was decreased to 600, I asked them how they will deal with the audience during public meetings and campaigns. There’ll be a breach of those Covid guidelines issued from the Centre and the nation. How can they control such a circumstance?”
“Mehraji requested, how one can assure that the problem will improve in 3 months. He also gave examples of nations that ran elections beneath the pandemic. But, I mentioned, the circumstance along with the election process/atmosphere might differ from nation to nation. It is hard to adhere to these items in India,” he added.
Sri Lanka and Singapore conducted elections within their nations amidst the outbreak. Mehra said,”We’ve listed their ideas (with respect to conducting the surveys ). Nothing could be stated (about running elections) at this time. We’ll run it (the surveys ) as and if an option is taken.”
Meanwhile, the BSP’s Charan Singh stated according to the Constitution, the surveys have to be run together with the conclusion of the tenure. But he requested the commission when the government was ready to run the surveys in this circumstance.


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