Police resolve suicide situation between minor girl, childhood at Jaisalmer | Jaipur News


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JAISALMER: Lathi authorities solved a suicide situation between a small Muslim woman plus a Bheel childhood on Saturday.
The episode happened on June 13 where the woman died. Police stated that the youth had intended to kill the woman that was producing obstacle in his union. The childhood is undergoing therapy in Bikaner.
Authorities have detained one accused and arrested a little.
“Lathi SHO Om Prakash and his group after comprehensive investigation revealed the victim woman and offender Beerbalram were having an affair for quite a while. Beerbalram’s marriage was fixed on June 29, 2020. When the woman came to learn about it, she requested Beerbalram to wed her and threatened to notify his family and commit suicide when he marries somebody else,” SP Kiran Kang stated.
So, Beerbalram with his buddies Prakashram and Lakshmanram Bheel created a strategy.
According to the strategy, Beerbalram would choose the woman to a secluded place and both could consume toxin.
However, he’d give more poison into the woman so she dies while he’d be rescued by his pals.
“On June 13, Beerbalram, Prakashram and Lakshmanram attracted pesticide out of the area. At the nighttime, Beerbalram went into the woman’s home and took her to Jagdamba Temple where the two consumed poison. Thereafter, Beerbalram known as his pals. They arrived and found the woman unconscious while Beerbalram was writhing in pain. The buddies went into Beerbalram’s home and informed his family . They reached the place and took the woman and Beerbalram into Mohangarh where doctors declared that the woman dead and called the youth into Bikaner,” SP Kang stated.
SP Kang reported that Prakashram was arrested while Lakshmanram was detained under POCSO Act and Section 302. Beerbalram is undergoing therapy at PBM Hospital and will be detained later.


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