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JAIPUR: The parents in addition to teachers in Rajasthan have become the victims of their atrocities by private colleges that are demanding increased prices from parents while leaving their educators outstanding for previous 3 months when courses are being conducted online for pupils as a result of lockdown.
According to the Rajasthan government’s initial principle, schools had been barred from accepting any fee from pupils for three months which will be — March 15-June 15 in light of this coronavirus outbreak.
But as no additional advisory has come , the parents have been asked to cover due fees while instructors have been left with pay-cuts and non payment of wages.
Finally, parents in tens of thousands are conducting a’No School, no charge’ effort in the nation, while educators working in private colleges are anticipating their wages for the previous 3 months, fearing job loss if they complain to government.
On Saturday, many troubled parents assembled at Central Park at Jaipur to establish’No College, No Fee’ effort.
Talking to IANS, one Sunil Yadav, All Rajasthan Private School Parents Forum presidentsaid,”Many parents assembled in Central Park and found a’no school, no commission’ campaign now.”
Expressing his aggravation for conducting online courses for smaller kids, he stated,”Schools are conducting online courses only for the sake of collecting fees from pupils that ought to be stopped because it’s harming children’ character,” he stated, adding that the authorities, this season, should announce that a zero year since there’s not any silver lining on normalcy coming shortly.
Yet another parent, Meenu Goyal said that the colleges rather than lending waivers are in reality increasing fees that is our key concern. “I asked my kids’ college to bring down the greater commission, but they rejected the proposition,” she explained.
Apart from parents, the college instructors are also annoyed in the functioning model of colleges since they have never been compensated off April on pretext of delayed set of college fees despite preparing online videos and notes for pupils.
A college teacher in the renowned private college in Jaisalmer stated,”We have yet to be paid directly from April and many people are currently on the brink of fiscal collapse. Our economy is gone”
Another educator from Jaipur school quipped in the state authorities, stating the MLAs are residing in five star hotel to rescue from poaching for Rajya Sabha polls. He explained,”The state authorities previously issued advisory for colleges barring them by collecting charges for 3 months. Now, what then? Is not it their duty to make things clear? Rather than listening to our troubles, they’re busy spending time at hotel, playing cricket and listening to musical chords”
IANS contacted college instruction minister Govind Singh Dotasra who stated that parents in addition to teachers must offer their complaints in writing.
He explained,”There are lakhs of colleges and we can not assess the listing of each school. I ask teachers to publish their complaints”
“Therefore there isn’t any such principle in the ministry for announcing zero year. But, we’ll take the topic using the CM and chalk out another principle,” he added.
Meanwhile, Society for Unaided Private Schools of Rajasthan president Damodar Prasad Goyal told IANS,”We agree there’s a significant deadlock that may be solved with mutual confidence, respect and dialogue between teachers and parents. While parents are prepared to deposit fees with a few cut, teachers will also be prepared to find a salary cut to maintain their earnings moving. However, announcing a year will probably be damaging to education, kids in addition to the state and hence it shouldn’t be declared,” he explained.


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