Person murders younger brother at Jaipur after quarrel | Jaipur News


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JAIPUR: A guy was killed by his elder brother at Kaladera police station region at Jaipur rural on Sunday late night following both had an altercation over a trivial matter. The accused is not yet been detained.
The deceased has been identified as Shashi Ranjan, 25, although the accused was identified as Chetan Prakash, 28.
Dharam Singh, SHO, Kaladera police station, stated,”The brothers were out of Bihar and worked at a mill. On Sunday, the duo were having spirits when suddenly they began with an debate .”
According to officials, after the first debate, the neighbors intervened, but the situation escalated later in the slightest.
“After the debate, the brothers fought at night and the problem became so acute that the accused beat the victim with a iron pole. We obtained advice about 11pm and on reaching the place, revealed that the victim was bleeding profusely. We immediately rushed him into the hospital, but the accidents were shown to be deadly,” added the officer.
Following the assault, the accused fled from the place and cops remain unsure about the reason due to the brothers fought.
Elaborating further, the SHO said,”We’re questioning the other employees as well to discover additional information about the household though not one of them might give a very clear idea about the reason for the fight. Not one of the brothers were married and their parents had expired long ago.”
The cops are searching for the accused.


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