Passing of Pak refugees raises serious concerns: Rajasthan BJP president Satish Poonia | Jaipur News


JODHPUR: BJP state president Satish Poonia on Monday termed the passing of 11 Pak refugees under mysterious illness as upsetting for its society and government. He explained that these deaths have increased many questions, that will need to be answered.
Poonia, who had been in Jodhpur on Monday and paid quite a few condolence visits,” said while speaking to press,”This was a significant problem since it’s posed serious concerns to the authorities and to society”

He explained that the Central government was working hard for the welfare of those Pak Hindu migrants however this episode has happened in the nation, which has obviously pointed to the dereliction of the state authorities relating to this issue.
“Chief minister Ashok Gehlot had come to Jodhpur and seen those migrants to pay tribute to the deceased men. However he didn’t say anything concrete on the topic,” Poonia explained.
He explained that a movie reportedly produced by one of those sufferers, has gone viral, where serious allegations are increased, which had to be researched.
Terming the current state authorities a’jugad’ authorities, Poonia reported this tenure of this Gehlot government has proven to be poorer compared to his previous tenure.
“Crime rate has shot up tremendously, farmers have been frustrated and unemployment was pitiful below this government’s principle,” he said.
He questioned the survey claims of the Congress government speaking to waiving of farmers’ loans 10 days of assuming power and unemployment rate to Rs . 58 lakh for childhood and termed the authorities a complete collapse.
He accused the Gehlot government of undermining democracy and morality, speaking to his threatening the governor.


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