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JAIPUR: Online courses for government schools started quite a while ago with informative content being uploaded to pupils to use their time. The government has, nevertheless, completely failed students studying in madrasas from the nation.
Over 2.5 lakh students are currently studying in 3,194 enrolled madrasas at Rajasthan. The Rajasthan Madrasa Board, established to track the actions from the madrasas, hasn’t taken any measure regarding online instruction.
Syed Masud Akhtar, president Rajasthan Madrasa Shiksha Sahyogi Sangh explained they have been raising this issue since lockdown however the government isn’t interested. “We’ve written to officials but no strategy was created for its pupils. Instruction in madrasas is very similar to this in any government college, with a single exception of being educated here. The majority of the pupils have squandered their lockdown time and also the authorities must chalk out a strategy until the schools have been shut,” said Akhtar.
The state government has begun WhatsApp classes where parents and teachers are additional in which instructional material is uploaded. Groups are created according to segments and articles is uploaded on Shala Darpan. However, this initiative is limited to government schools at the country and madrasas aren’t part of it.
When TOI contact minority affairs division, officials stated that nothing was finalised about it. “We intend to begin online courses but ultimate decision is yet to be created,” said a senior officer. You will find two,867 main madrasas and 327 secondary madrasas from the country.


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