Minor girl leaks rape bidding in Bharatpur | Jaipur News


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ALWAR: A 12-year-old woman in Bharatpur‘s Kama police station region had a narrow escape when an unidentified accused abducted her supposedly with the aim of rape but abandoned her in the woods place after she cried for assistance.
Ravi Katara, SHO, Kama police station stated,”The accused allegedly took the kid on his motorcycle under a false pretext together with the intention to molest her has been maintained from the minor’s dad in his criticism.”
whenever the girl began shouting for assistance, the accused left handed her at the woods area before absconding in the place. Meanwhile, her parents had started a hunt for their daughter and have been advised that the woman was spotted crying close to the woods. They immediately rushed to the place and registered the instance in the local police station.


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