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Migrants working in the faculty from Khajwana village of Nagaur district

JAIPUR: A group of researchers from Pune with experience in carpentry job has mended the furniture of a government college while spending the time within their own native Khajwana village in Mundwa tehsil at Nagaur district.
These employees have fixed seats, tables, almirah and blackboards with no charges. Before, another set of researchers under quarantine had painted a government college construction in Sikar district.
A group of 11 villagers under the leadership of Bansilal Jangid functioning as carpenters in the real estate industry in Pune for many years returned on May 6 when they lost all hopes of any resurrection in the outbreak in the not too distant future. They had been sent to a college for 14 days of the period within their own native village from the government.
“After spending 3-4 days, we learnt the furniture at the college is quite old and not in a usable state. I spoke with my group that if we could correct these as a token of thanks to this faculty team and the local government for supplying us shelter, food and care,” explained Jangid.
The group expressed its desire that was easily approved by the college authorities.
The group has been given access into the hallway for altering the form of the furniture. They made an appraisal of resources and raw material necessary for repairing the furniture. “Many people came together with our resources so what was demanded is screws, pliers, paint and wood. It was supplied to us within seven weeks,” explained Jangid.
The group began its performance while follows social bookmarking procedures and stationary furniture that is adequate for tier 5 of the senior secondary college. For the group they cherished each and every moment as for the very first time that they did something to their village and equipped to perform any work because lockdown.
The caliber of work has amazed the college authorities who have advocated the district education authorities to use them for repairing furniture at local schools. “They’ve done the job at no cost from gratitude, but today it is now our responsibility to supply these highly skilled employees with the financial opportunity so they can endure with dignity and ought to contribute with their ability in their native village and district,” explained Bhanwar Lal Jat, leader of government senior secondary college, Khajwana.
They’ve discharged from the quarantine on May 1 and also functioning yet another 14 times of home isolation from the village. Jangid states that after they’re finished with the house isolation, they’d go back to finish the unfinished job.



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