Mayawati needs President’s Rule in Rajasthan | Jaipur News


BSP supremo Mayawati

JAIPUR: BSP supremo Mayawati on Saturday demanded imposition of President’s Rule in the country. The BSP leader is mad with chief minister Gehlot for poaching on her party’s MLAs. “The Senate ought to take cognizance of their continuing political deadlock, mutual distrust and political instability and urge imposition of President’s Rule in the country so there isn’t any more deprivation of democracy at the nation.”
In a different tweet, she stated,”Chief ministry Gehlot violated the anti-defection law, inducting BSP MLAs to the Congress and tapped telephones.” Gehot, who had been contributing a minority government at 2008, had merged six BSP MLAs in the Congress. He left half of these ministers and the rest appointed as parliamentary secretaries equal to the position of ministers. This time also, despite the BSP extending service to the Congress, he was able to lure each of the six BSP MLAs to connect with the Congress much to the chagrin of Mayawati.


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