Locust strikes controlled at four places at Jaipur | Jaipur News


Jaipur district has seen 23 locust attacks since May 20.

JAIPUR: Jaipur district has seen 23 locust strikes because May 20 using the current one being on Saturday. District agriculture division’s group and a group from locust warning company (LWO) commanded the strikes at four distinct places from 2am to 9am at Jaipur on Sunday morning. The previous attack in Jaipur happened on June 13.
“Many places have been in Hasanpura, Muhana Mandi and Nevta (10X1 kilometers ). The other places were in Mandaur, Phagi and Labana (4X1 kilometers ). The pests covered a region of 525 hectares. We commanded the locusts with 170 litres of pesticides – lemda silothrin (5 percent ) and chloropyriphos. The locusts assaulted agricultural lands of 270 farmers,” stated B R Karwa, deputy manager, agriculture zila parishad (expansion ). Jaipur recently obtained two,000 litres of pesticides via a World Bank-sponsored job – Rajasthan Agriculture Competitiveness Project.
It could be noted that Pakistan will not collaborate with India about the locust issue since it skipped a bilateral meeting on locust management on Thursday.
The external affairs ministry of Pakistan allegedly failed to allow its officers to share in the assembly.
Meanwhile, a new warning has been issued by that the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of locust attacks in June along either side of this Indo-Pakistan border.
Locust incursion in Pakistan proceeds in Jaisalmer and Barmer. At the moment, that the locusts have entered 45 districts of five countries including Rajasthan.
Over 100 teams and 25 drones are set up by the Locust Control Department at the state.


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