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JAISALMER: A battle over a sheet of poultry led into the passing of a labourer at Jaisalmer.
The episode, which happened on Wednesday, was reported to authorities on Friday. The cops then took over 24 hours to detain the killer out of Barmer. Everything began when four labourers were having chicken and got involved in a brawl over supply of bits. In a fit of anger, among the labourers assaulted his colleague using a spade killing him.
SP Ajay Singh said the labourers — Kumpnath, Kailashnath, Purkhnath, Ramnath –‘d cooked chicken. While ingestion, Kumpnath and Kailashnath had a struggle as Kumpnath took longer parts of chicken. This enraged Kumpnath who assaulted Kailashnath using a scoop and fled.
Kailashnath’s brother Moolnath, a resident of Mokhab Khurd of Barmer district, in his police complaint stated his brother had been working with builder Bhanwarnath together with Purkhnath and Ramnath with an army area in Revant Singh Ki Dhani at Jaisalmer. After work during the night, they had been sleeping within the military area.
About 4am, Kumpnath assaulted Kailashnath using a spade on his mind. Ramnath and Purkhnath, that had been sleeping with Kailashnath, awakened and on visiting themKumpnath also assaulted Purknath before tripping.


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