Jaipur woman scores 99.6 percent, says hard work is the important | Jaipur News


Ananya Solanki, who scored 99.6%, observes her result on Wednesday

JAIPUR: Together 99.6percent marks, Ananya Solanki of Neerja Modi High School at Jaipur, ensured the top position in the country at CBSE Class X examination.
“I had been convinced about great results, but was not expecting to top from the country,” explained Ananya with happiness.
Explaining concerning the groundwork, she stated that her everyday job assisted her out. “In my college, our syllabus was finished by October. I used to revise anything is educated in the faculty. For any issue, my teachers have been accessible for me personally,” explained Ananya.
Ananya’s parents are doctors. Theoretical topics aren’t Ananya’s forte that’s why she has chosen to take Sciencein her Course XII.
She stated,”I was anxious for the social science newspaper . I made additional efforts for this. I analyzed daily. I made little notes to the chapters in social science from NCERT novels. Daily revision helped me much as the chapters were printed in my mind. Got great result for all of the hard work”
While committing message to additional pupils, Ananya insisted to not get nervous during examinations. “nobody taught how to take care of stress due to the nervousness. I’d suggest pupils not to be worried about anything and simply concentrate on their particular studies. Simply do your best and do not get anxious about the outcomes. Most pupils make errors in assessments because of this. Be certain,” explained Ananya.
She suggests pupils to not judge their abilities on the grounds of board outcomes. “nobody would take care of my marks following five decades. You can’t judge a pupil’s capacity on the basis of marks. May be that individual is a fantastic artist. Academics aren’t everything to be successful in life,” explained Ananya.


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