Jaipur: Water supply influenced in rain-hit regions | Jaipur News


A boy wades through the waterfront street at Panch Batti square following heavy rain at Jaipur. (ANI Photo)

JAIPUR: All water pipelines from the low-lying regions of the town have been buried in silt ever because Friday’s torrential shower, causing issues in water distribution throughout the region. Public Health and Engineering Department (PHED) has begun to provide water through tankers from the low-lying places. 1 permanent tanker was allocated to the place and the section is providing tankers according to people’s requirements.
“There are serious problems in the low-lying regions as our pipelines are buried deep in the silt, in regions of Delhi Road, Jai Singhpura Khor and Sanganer. Our tankers have begun working in these regions,” explained Devraj Solanki, added chief engineer in PHED.
Jaipur Municipal Corporation and also district government is working to acquire the streets cleaned. This may take a while and until then water distribution will continue being affected.
Solanki clarified,”It’s the work of the civil organization to find the roads washed. We’re just after the procedure. When the problem is normal, we’ll examine our pipelines and keep on using the source as normal.”
Lots of individuals have purchased personal tankers as well at which delivery of water isn’t completed in time.


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