Jaipur: UDH Union Shanti Dhariwal denies community disperse, seeks report on centers to sufferers | Jaipur News


JAIPUR: Expressing anger over growth in number of complaints from the patients admitted to hospitals concerning mismanagement, UDH Union Shanti Dhariwal on Monday requested district medical officers to submit a study on the status of centers supplied to positive patients at RUHS Hospital after a review.
Slamming the health officials such as CMHO I and II, he led the secretary in-charge of their district and health department officials to see the hospital regularly to find details regarding the basic facilities supplied to Covid patients confessed. He explained, all amenities such as patients’ foods, coolers and periodic maintenance by senior doctors have to be guaranteed.
This was completed after several complaints received about the facilities in the hospital. In addition, he said there had been over 400 containment zones in Jaipur, nevertheless, claimed that there was no community transmission at the district. In addition, he led the designated personal hospitals to not deny treatment to Covid patients.
“We’ve tried our very best to restrain community spread/transmission from the district and we’ve obtained success to a huge extent. We cannot say there’s community transmission at the district. Jaipur has a population of about 40 lakh individuals, optimistic instances will happen. This isn’t community transmission. It can be said in which an whole locality is going to be infected from town,” explained Dhariwal during a media conference, since Covid particular awarness campaign was launched from the nation Monday.
He said that there are more than 400 containment zones in Jaipur. “it is a lengthy struggle and in countless years the country has not seen a pandemic of these proportions. Rajasthan has set an example for the nation to follow in managing the crisis. But some flaws in the system are constantly there. However, we’ll correct those problems too.”
“We can guarantee that individuals do not face problems in future. If individuals do not get beds in government hospitals and locate personal hospitals pricey, they’re also able to have treatment in the home and remain quarantined,” he explained.


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