Jaipur: Today, new subway pumps for flood-like scenarios | Jaipur News


Individuals sifting through waterlogged street at Paanch Batti at Jaipur.

JAIPUR: In an attempt to handle flood-like scenarios in future the district government is planning to buy brand new subway pumps (used for pumping muddy water) throughout the state disaster response finance. District collector Antar Singh Nehra on Monday announced the launch of reimbursement quantity of Rs 1 lakh each in the Chief Minister’s relief fund for the families of those four individuals, who died because of heavy rains on August 14.
Currently, there are 32 sand pumps at the district. Of them, three pumps have of civil defense (district government ) and the remainder have of Nagar Nigam and Jaipur Development Authority (JDA). The four deceased men are Rampratap Meena, Pari Meena, Kana Meena and Sunny.
He explained that the damages amount will also be published to the household of a 15-year old boy, whose body was discovered on Monday, in a few days. He informed 24 pucca houses and 13 kutcha houses were ruined because of the rains from the district.
“These households will receive compensation according to SDRF norms. We’ve requested the tehsildar to send us a report after amassing the necessary documents (in the sufferers ) and running a survey of these damages,” he explained. “Instructions are given to the sections concerned to resolve the damages caused by electricity and water distribution lines.”
In the event of completely damaged homes – pucca and kutcha – that the damages amount is Rs 95,000 for plain areas and Rs 1. 01 lakh for scenic areas. For partly damaged homes (harm 15percent and more), the payment amount is Rs 5,200 and also for huts the damages amount is Rs 4,100.
“We’ve requested the JDA officials to run a survey to guarantee pumping from water out of Vijayapura region, where there isn’t any outlet. We requested them to fix the damaged streets in Jamdoli along with other locations and also clear the debris close to Hanuman temple around Delhi street. Food is also being supplied at the relief camps. We also had to borrow sand pumps in the irrigation section for pumping water out from Jawahar Nagar and other locations,” Nehra added.


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