Jaipur: Teen gets pregnant after rape, area youth reserved | Jaipur News


Picture for symbolic purpose only.

JAIPUR: The household of a 14-year old woman has filed a rape complaint in Ramganj police channel from a neighbourhood childhood later their union became pregnant lately.
For months, the woman kept quiet concerning the rape till she became pregnant and informed her parents about it.
Based on authorities, dad of the rape office said that the woman was raped by a youth residing in the area a couple of months back.
“Her parents said that the woman failed to inform about being invited into her parents since the childhood had threatened her to keep mum. Some days past she complained of abdominal pain along with other difficulties which she spoke with her mom. After she was taken into a hospital, doctors told her parents that she had been pregnant. Subsequently, the woman narrated the entire story,” said a senior police officer.


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