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Minor drizzle began at 6am at Jaipur that converted to heavy rain by 6. 30am on Friday.

JAIPUR: Torrential rain across Jaipur that lasted for at least six hours generated havoc in town on Friday. Heavy rain claimed four lives such as a couple and their baby daughter in two different incidents of drowning. At 3,000 individuals living in several low-lying regions of Walled City and outdoors were preserved and kept in safer locations, while at 50 individuals received minor injuries because of collapse of dilapidated buildings and homes. Additionally, two men went missing and hunt was about to track them.
In accordance with the authorities, 1 jeep carrying six passengers got stuck involving significant stream of water in Kanota Dam close Jamdoli around town outskirts. “Three men were spared from the villagers while three involving a couple and their baby daughter were murdered and drowned amid heavy stream of water,” said a senior police officer of Kanota police station region .
Likewise, body of a man aged about 35 years has been located close to Kho Nagorian police station region. “He also died of drowning. The attempts are to spot him,” the officer added.
Minor drizzle started at 6am at Jaipur that transformed into heavy rain by 6. 30am. Subsequently till 2pm rain of 152.2 mm has been listed with the Jaipur Met office. On the other hand, the district collectorate located observatory recorded a rain of 184 mm at town. “It’s highest rainfall in town following August 2012 when a rain of 170mm has been listed,” said a senior officer of Jaipur Met office. Quoting the all time large rainfall record, ” he explained,”We’ve had a rain of 188.4 mm August 16, 1959 but that has been for 24 hours. ) Therefore, to see whether Jaipur has broken this document we might need to observe the cumulative rainfall before 8. 30 am on Saturday,” Radhey Shyam Sharma, manager, Jaipur Met office told TOI.
At least six groups of country disaster relief force (SDRF) were pressed into service by Amrita Dohan, superintendent of police, SDRF. “We’ve rescued over 100 individuals throughout the town with the support of our teams utilizing boats and ropes such as railroad quarters, Dehar ke Balaji, Kho Nagorian and Ghat Gate regions,” said Lokesh Sonwal, addtional SP, SDRF who had been leading among their group.
Additionally, following the reports of significant stream of water at the low-lying colonies such as Jawahar Nagar Kachchi Basti, Ghat Gate, Shastri Nagar located Bhatta Basti the district government sent the groups of civil defence. Different stores as well as also their basements have been submerged in water.
In its prediction for Jaipur, the Met office called for heavy rain in Jaipur on Saturday morning while moderate rain activity is anticipated in those districts on Sunday.


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