Jaipur: Pothole-riddled roads irk Sanganer inhabitants | Jaipur News


Sanganer colony

JAIPUR: Monsoon has once more exposed the pathetic state of infrastructure in town.
The inhabitants of Sanganer are grappling with the continuing problems of waterlogged streets and potholes.
Kishan Sharma, a resident of Ballabh Marg, stated,”We’re living with inadequate state of streets for a lot of decades. The situation gets worse during rainy season. Downpour leaves the lanes from knee-deep water. Two weeks back, I’d gone to purchase medications and while returningmy scooter nearly slipped into a puddle.”
Manisha Tyagi, another resident of Namdeo Temple lane, stated that in the past 15 decades, streets of this region have never been repaired. “There are many temples in my area and individuals from all around town come here, but the streets are in poor state. During monsoon, they become waterlogged,” explained Tyagi.
Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) on its own flood management center has become countless complaints every day in Sanganer region. On August 14, it needed to put in mud pumps two regions to eliminate water.
Sanganer city is renowned for its authentic fabric printing company and tens of thousands of individuals arrive as employees in the factories . There’s a need to provide basic amenities to individuals.
“Authorities and local politicians arrive at our field during election period, but if we really need them, they’re active in their bungalows. The builders assemble main streets, but in interior portion of these colonies, nobody pays any heed,” said Mahesh Cheepa, a resident of Malpuara Gate, Sanganer.


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