Jaipur: MNIT pupils requested to vacate hostel from July 1 | Jaipur News


JAIPUR: Final year students of Malviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT), Jaipur, whose outcomes were only announced, have been arranged from the government to vacate the hostel from July 1.
This arrangement is now being criticized from the students most of whom are outside of Rajasthan and are not able to travel back through outbreak on such short notice. The magician was closed following the outbreak of coronavirus and pupils weren’t able to take back their luggage.
Now, when their outcome is announced that the administration would like them to vacate the hostels, although fresh admissions haven’t started. 1 pupil on condition of anonymity said,”Approximately 50percent of the students live outside Rajasthan. It’s tricky to reach Jaipur as no direct train can be obtained even from major towns, leave aside the situation of distant places. Traveling by flight is insecure as well on account of this limitation in carrying bags weighing more than 7kg, therefore it isn’t feasible to take all of our possessions in one excursion and much more trips aren’t economically viable for many pupils ” When TOI contacted MNIT government, they stated they can stretch the dates based on the pupils’ wish. TNN


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