Jaipur: JDA to conduct land surveys together with drones | Jaipur News


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JAIPUR: Property buyers will probably be shortly have the ability to inspect details regarding the property in the click of a mouse. To keep tabs on each inch of property, Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) has chosen to survey its territory pool with drones and GPS technologies, that can be made available online for potential buyers.
Tenders for running the poll is going to likely be floated in the first week of September after that work begins.
“JDA will have accounts of every inch of property following the poll is finished. It’ll have the ability to inform folks about disputed property and about plots that have clear name,” stated a senior JDA official. Complete info regarding property will be made accessible to individuals in the click of a mouse,” he added. The practice involves capturing images through drones, corroborating it with all the floor survey data and developing it to a high profile 3D map.
The JDA, during the poll, will identify encroachments, streets, parks and can also use the questionnaire for successful property preparation times to come.
Officials stated chances of postings through drone survey are minimum and after the property survey is available on the internet, property buyers are going to have the ability to acquire the info about it sitting in their property. They stated the drone survey will help property buyers to hunt available land on the JDA site where town zone-wise information will be offered.
During this technical intervention, buyers will have the ability to make it to the website via GPS and confirm the locality. Aside from assisting buyers, the JDA will reevaluate its work to test encroachments on its territory and instruct its authorities teams to take mandatory actions.


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