Jaipur: Firecracker stores not yet been changed from residential places | Jaipur News


Document picture of officials hoping to douse the flame at Chandi ki Taksaal

JAIPUR: The blaze at a firecracker godown at Chandi ki Taksaal on Tuesday which claimed one life has increased question mark about the district government that is yet to take any decision on altering these stores located in the residential area of the town.
It’s said that because of short-circuit, the fire broke out from the godown and a guy has been burnt to death. Afterwards, it was shown that the godown owner didn’t have any license.
Jagdish Phulwari, Jaipur chief fire officer, stated,”Since the accident in Indira Market this season, I’ve stopped renewing the license of any firecracker store in town. The department is attempting to get a way to it soon a committee will be put up.”
In Hawamahal Market at which the Chandi ki Taksaal is located, around 15 firecracker stores are located. It’s been an issue of disagreement in the marketplace for a very long time to find these stores shifted from the marketplace.
One shopkeeper said,”We’ve demanded previously to change these stores from Walled City, but the firecracker shopkeepers combat it. These stores on the marketplace are over a century , therefore they blame us to spoiling their small business. The decision ought to be taken from the authorities regarding it”
In February 2020, a huge fire broke out in Indira Market at Walled City where 10 stores were burnt. The fire began due to a single firecracker stores which became out of control and where many people lost their livelihood.
Ever since that time, Indira market Organization has written into the Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) to eliminate the stores from the sector but decision has not been accepted.
“About 10 stores were totally gutted. We’ve composed it to JMC to change these stores in the current market, but no decision was accepted,” said Jagdish Keswani, president of Indira Market Association.


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