Jaipur cops suspect dealer wasn’t murdered, but murdered himself | Jaipur News


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JAIPUR: Preliminary evaluation by Jaipur authorities (west) about the mysterious death of a 52-year old businessman has implied that he’d committed suicide. Police are yet to get any hint suggesting that he had been assaulted.
Even though the authorities are yet to complete their analysis, they’ve stated the president, who had been in debt of almost Rs 5 crore, would have intentionally granted his suicide a form of”robbery and murder.”
The dead person, 52-year-old Naresh Chaudhary, was included in mining and has been a construction contractor. On June 7he had been found unconscious at his car around Ajmer-Delhi street and had a few injury marks.
“He’d no tomb harms except a couple marks on his left hand. In addition, it was alleged by the household he had been robbed, as the’robbers’ had placed red pepper into his eyes to rob him. Therefore, we discovered that there wasn’t any red pepper in his eyes and his post-mortem also indicated the existence of toxin in his own body. When we proceed with the modus operandi of street robbers, they rarely give poison into their aims,” said a senior police officer, who’s a part of this analysis, on condition of anonymity Monday. The analysis also implied the president was constantly getting calls in the folks he’d obtained loans from. “There might be a risk that before swallowing a hazardous substance, before the Manoharpura toll, he made a scenario to give it a form of vandalism and murder. He might have done this to make sure that his family members might not be bothered after his passing,” the officer added.
But, when contacted, Ashok Gupta, additional commissioner of police (crime), stated,”We’re probing both murder and suicide angles.
The analysis hasn’t yet been concluded. However, we’ve not yet discovered any evidence to prove he was robbed.”
Authorities also have discovered clues the entrepreneur stopped for a little while on Ajmer Road under the flyover and obtained something. “It’s odd that it took him nearly 90 moments to achieve Manoharpura toll from where he stopped,” the officer added.


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