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A volunteer by Help in Suffering vaccinates a dog in town on Monday

JAIPUR: In case you’re a victim of dog snack in this town, it could be of some comfort to know that the prospect of contracting rabies is minimal, thanks to aid in Suffering, a 40-year old Jaipur-based charity that’s been vaccinating the canines for its last 25 years.
On the past quarter of a century, the charity has invaded and sterilised over 80,000 strays via its demanding Animal Birth Control (ABC) Program.
As stated by this Indian Journal of Medical Research, 17 million people are bitten by dogs every year from India and 20,000 expire due to rabies.
In Jaipur, there is a reverse tendency with only 2.7 people being bitten by dogs a week,000 inhabitants in 2018 in comparison to 7.2 in 1998. There are approximately 35,000 strays from town.
Based on Dr Jack Reece, that has been at the helm of the program for more than two years now, Thiruvananthapuram saw a 110 percent growth in dog bites in the previous six years while Chandigarh seen a 35% spike in these cases within the previous five decades.
“By vaccinating over 78percent of Jaipur’s street dogs, our ABC programme has broken the cycle of rabies disease and radically reduced the amount of human rabies cases in Jaipur. By also sterilising the puppies, we guarantee there are fewer of these in town,” stated Timmie Kumar, managing trustee of the charity.
Based on data furnished by the charity, 4,753 stray dogs were vaccinated along with another two,472 sterilised from town between April 2019 and January 2020.
“We continue to assist our citizens by maintaining the dog people in control and assisting the poor by providing free health care for their animals,” she added.
Planet Zoonoses Day is held each year on July 6 to increase awareness on the dangers of zoonotic diseases. The day commemorates when Louis Pasteur successfully administered the first vaccine against rabies virus, a zoonotic disease, in 1885.
Zoonoses are infectious diseases (virus, bacteria and parasites) which can be spread from animals to people, and vice versa. “Our routine foot polls indicate 78percent of Jaipur’s street dog population was vaccinated, that is well above the threshold required for rabies control. The percentage of spayed bitches is finished 80%,” the charity said.


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