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Jaipur airport

JAIPUR: Flyers using Jaipur airport do not need to queue up close to the X-ray machines to scan their luggage prior to check. On Monday, Jaipur airport obtained the inline baggage screening (ILBS) system that will decongest the check-in region and passengers may straightaway see the check in counter.
Airport manager Jaideep Singh Balhara explained that this has multi-level computed tomography and may also allow police to detect explosives, if any. “This system will save yourself time of passengers. They can immediately go to the check-in counter and will find the bags in the destination,” he added. “Additionally the ILBS process is incorporated together with all the Airport Baggage Handling System so as to present complete hold of screening and processing system. The expense of the system is approximately RS 18 crore where our guys will operate in 3 shifts. This system can scan 1800 bags per hour that would hasten the processing of passengers,” he added. TNN


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