Jaipur: Accused evaluations Covid-19 favorable, habits team on self-evident | Jaipur News


JAIPUR: 32 officials of the customs division such as their commissioner have gone self-quarantine after among those 14 captured with 32 kg golden in Jaipur airport, tested positive.
At the biggest seizure of gold at Rajasthan previously 20 decades, habits sleuths on Friday had captured 31. 998kg of gold worth Rs 15. 67 crore out of 14 passengers).
“from them 14, the Covid-19 record of one of those passengers came convinced late on Monday. Ever since that time, 17 officers such as commissioner of the habits headquarters and 15 spiritual officers that had been on duty at the airport, have kept themselves to self-quarantine,” said an officer on Tuesday.
Additionally, the whole staff in the Jaipur airport was altered while the team that has been on duty on Friday is beneath self-quarantine.


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