Jaipur: 5 percent rebate on energy bills paid by June 30 | Jaipur News


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JAIPUR: Discoms are providing five percent reduction on following month’s power bill if the customers will pay their impending invoices from June 30. They’ll start their collection centers on Saturday and Sunday to ease the customers to pay their invoices.
Jaipur discom managing manager A K Gupta explained that five percent lien will be awarded in the forthcoming bill on the payment of power bills from June 30. The provision applies to customers of agriculture and national group. A reduction of one percent will be awarded to other types of customers (commercial and business ) and for depositing the invoice number from June 30 at the coming bill, ” he explained.
He advised the bill collection centers will open division Saturday (June 27) and Sunday (June 28) as well so that customers may deposit their power bills on Saturday and Sunday also.


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