Inefficiency, standard offenses bleed RSRTC, losses mount to Rs 4,975 crore in FY19: CAG | Jaipur News


With respect to hiring of trucks, the report found many lapses and breach of Rajasthan Transparency Proc…Read

JAIPUR: Losses of Rajasthan State Road Transportation Corporation (RSRTC) taken up to Rs 4,975. 52 crore at 2018-19 from Rs two,766. 90 crore at 2014-15 because of reduced load factor, increase in employee cost and absence of operational efficacy , shown that a CAG report.
At the performance audit on’acquisition and utilisation of buses by RSRTC’ the accounting watchdog of the authorities said the company wasn’t able to keep up with the expanding demand for public transportation which led to its own share of bus visitors falling from 10. 36percent in 2014-15 into 9. 98percent in 2018-19.
The company hired and deployed both the luxurious and semi-deluxe buses without analyzing suitable necessity and feasibility of working the buses on certain routes. Resultantly, it lacked net loss of Rs 34 crore because of performance of buses on uneconomical paths.
Likewise, the proportion of overage buses rose from 7. 33percent in 2014-15 to 18. 46percent in 2018-19, although the normal fleet usage dropped from 92percent in 2014-15 to 68percent in 2018-19.
The CAG report stated RSRTC wasn’t able to attain the diesel average goal during 2014-19. Reason of non-achievement of kilometer per liter (KMPL) was chiefly attributable to performance of over-aged vehicles that rose from 322 into 749 that 18. 46percent of complete buses of this company according to March 2019. It absorbed 108. 94 lakh litres of gasoline valued at Rs 60. 65 crore in surplus during the inspection period when compared with its internal goals, which was mended considering the local position.
The general car productivity (such as hired buses) of this company also fell from 397kilometers to 392kilometers every day through 2014-15 into 2018-19, the CAG said emphasizing the bad functionality.
Because of cancellation of scheduled excursions for desire of buses and team , the company was deprived of earnings of Rs 72. 95 crore through 2014-19.
Operation of buses to get over earnings kilometres caused reduction of earnings of Rs 44. 49 crore in 15 chosen depot through 2014-19.
With respect to the hiring of buses, the report found many lapses and breach of Rajasthan Transparency Procurement coverage (RTPP). “During inspection of documents pertaining to tending procedure for hiring 400 buses in 2015-16 and 800 at 2016-17, events were detected in which the company failed to adhere to certain terms of RTPP principles,” it pointed out.
The authorities announced the principles pf RTPP weren’t complied with as the bidding document issued in August 2016 for procuring 500 chassis comprised technical specifications concerning procurement but technical standards for evaluation of their technical bids wasn’t mentioned.


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