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JAIPUR/ALWAR: Bhiwadi authorities , exploring the escape of infamous criminal Vikram alias Papla Gujjar, has substantial hints on his own whereabouts.
Following the interrogation of individuals that were arrested by law enforcement from Papla’s indigenous village at Haryana, authorities asserted they are moving in the perfect direction. But they also claimed that they’re not likely to seek the support of Haryana authorities, because they consider there are a few additives in Haryana authorities, that are frequently updating the infamous criminal on the motion of Rajasthan authorities.
On Friday, authorities had arrested at least 18 men such as the dad of Vikram Gujjar alias Papla Gujjar. “We’ve several matters for example his talks on social media platforms with a few of the members of the village. Additionally, we’ve obtained some tangible evidence which explains that in last nine months because he escaped, he’s been granted political shield by some individuals. But we’re moving in the perfect direction with a few significant advice and are working on it,” said a senior officer of Bhiwadi authorities, who’s near the evaluation of Papla’s escape.
Additionally, senior officials of Rajasthan authorities asserted that anything they have right now they aren’t likely to discuss it with Haryana authorities. “This is an established actuality that there are lots of informers of all Papla Gujjar from Haryana authorities, so we’re cautious and cautious. Whenever we’ll find a definite hint, we won’t directly talk about it with Haryana authorities. We’ll initially take him into custody and before departing, we’ll notify them,” said an officer.
Once contacted, BL Soni, director general (offense ) stated,”Nothing can be shared at the time period. All I can guarantee is that we’re working on a few clues which may fetch us outcomes ”
Meanwhile, Amandeep Singh Kapoor, superintendent of police, Bhiwadi, speaking to TOI, stated,”We’re working on several things. But I can not discuss the finer details at this time.”


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