Following Pratap,’Padmavat’ courts textbook trouble | Jaipur News


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JAIPUR: Much like the controversy over several comments on Rana Pratap inserted in e-textbooks for Class X students rages in Rajasthan, there’s another storm brewing over a reference poet Malik Muhammad Jayasi, the author of’Padmavat,’ in a chapter Rawal Ratan Singh (1302-1303 CE) at a recently added Class X Cycle for general understanding,’Rajasthan Ka Itihas Evam Sanskriti’ (Rajasthan’s History and Culture).
The Johar Smriti Sansthan (JSS) at Chittorgarh has increased objection in the mention of Jayasi utilized at a paragraph narrating the history of Rawal Ratan Singh. The textbook reference that the JSS has objected to states:”Malik Muhammad Jayasi’s (1540 CE) poem’Padmavat’ states that Alauddin Khilji assaulted Rawal Ratan Singh because of his spouse Padmini.”
JSS chief Takhat Singh Solanki, 84, stated that the country has attempted to connect two historic incidents divided by more than two decades and two distinct areas.


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