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JAIPUR: in a time when the majority of men and women prefer to remain home, tens of thousands of physicians throughout the counry have forfeited their own social lives to rescue people hit from the Covid pandemic.
In the procedure, several have tested positive but that didn’t dissuade them from doing their responsibilities.
Covid-19 hasn’t only altered the lives of physicians, but also the way that they work.
“We must do surgeries because we can’t abandon patients suffering. For your purpose, we must modify the way we operate. We must wear complete protective equipment like personal protection gear. It’s tough to do surgeries sporting PPEs but we don’t have other alternatives,” explained Dr DS Meena, senior scientist (orthopedics), SMS Hospital.
The variety of operations also have gone as they should sanitise operation theatres involving operations.
Most physicians have stayed devoted for the previous 3 weeks in containing the virus.
Dr Narrottam Sharma, chief medical health officer (Jaipur-I), who’s sprearheading the struggle against Covid-19 from town said,”Life has shifted because of Covid-19. I must get countless calls, coordinate together with my group to get contact tracing and examine and treat individuals. All physicians in struggle against Covid-19 have to be valued for their efforts to contain the spread of this virus.”


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