Do not communalise Covid, Rajasthan health minister advocates resistance | Jaipur News


JAIPUR: Medical and health minister Ragu Sharma on Friday refused the cost of the Opposition he had politicized the argument about Covid-19 by accusing the Centre.
He was responding during a discussion on Covid-19 direction in the meeting.
The Union on the other hand alleged that the BJP members are attempting to communalize it frequently naming Tablighi (Jamaat) and requested the Opposition to desist from it throughout that catastrophe.
“The Centre had supplied 1,300 ventilators into the country. Out of that, 945 are discharged to the districts. The state medical division had purchased 315 ventilators. But barely 40 are in active use today,” he explained.
The Union said that the government had granted fresh appointment to 12,500 employees during the Covid interval along with also the recruitment of 6,300 community health officials and radiographers are around. Now, plasma treatment of Covid patients has also been made free of charge, he explained.
Sharma responding to the cost of Opposition that the individuals aren’t receiving the advantage of Centre’s health insurance policy, he explained that the folks are becoming uninterrupted advantages of the medical insurance scheme. He advised that 6. 98 lakh people are benefited under this scheme from December 13, 2019 till date. He explained out Rs 384 crore to be paid as high, Rs 128 crore was paid and Rs 151 crore will be paid shortly.
Opposition leader Gulab Chand Kataria, highlighting that the inadequate state of Covid hospitals, highlighted the need for radical improvement at these centers. He said there’s need for different rooms for acute patients and non-serious favorable scenarios.
Likewise, Kataria stated CCTV cameras and TVs must be set up in the centers so that there might be tracking system of their patients and staff could find some comfort watching TV. He declared that the status of several quarantine centers provides the impression of persecution centers and people refuse to move there.
The Opposition leader asked why the authorities ceased with the custom of supplying quarantine centre into both nurses and health workers once the Covid instances are in an explosive situation. He suggested that the ministry of a professional committee that occasionally go to these centers and take inventory of this situation as dreadful stories have been heard from a number of those centers.
The authorities tabled nine statements in the home on Friday but couldn’t be passed because of paucity of time. Speaker CP Joshi subsequently adjourned the house till Monday 11 am after consensus at the home for stretching the sitting of this home for a different day. The home will take up these invoices on Monday.
House to constitute nine Bills on Monday
The Rajasthan Agricultural Produce Markets (Second Amendment) Bill, 2020
The Rajasthan Police (Amendment) Bill, 2020
The Rajasthan Goods and Services Tax (Third Amendment) Bill, 2020
The Rajasthan Excise (Amendment) Bill, 2020
The Rajasthan Epidemic Diseases Bill, 2020
The Rajasthan Stamp (Amendment) Bill, 2020
The Rajasthan Goods and Services Tax (Second Amendment) Bill, 2020
The Rajasthan Special Courts (Repeal) Bill, 2020
The Rajasthan Legislative Assembly (Members and Trainers Emoluments and Pension) (Amendment) Bill, 2020


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