Desert Grizzled Skipper found in Thar later 67 decades | Jaipur News


JAISALMER: Following 67 years, the Desert Grizzled Skipper species of blossom was seen in Thar desert. This butterfly was considered to have become extinct in India.
Zoology assistant professor at SB Government College at Jaisalmer, Dr Shyam Sunder Meena, who’s doing a study on butterflies for the past many decades, claimed to have discovered the species at Amarsagar region of this district. Meena has an image of the Desert Grizzled Skipper, that can be thought to be is fist photo in south Asia taken after 1949. Through time, many species of butterflies in the world have become extinct. Butterfly specialist Mohammad Akram Avam, resident of Rawalpindi in Pakistan, has congratulated Meena on his find. They stated the species was seen in 1949 in Deesa at Gujarat.


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