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JAIPUR: Together improved testings, Covid positivity rate has also increased significantly signaling the virus is quickly spreading in the country.
Increasing positivity rate is a major concern as active instances will also be rising pushing the amount of individuals needing hospitalization. In August (until 17), the positivity rate was listed at 5 percent, which can be more than twice in June (2.2percent ).
In March, the positivity rate was only 1.6 percent, while in April, May, June and July it had been listed in 2.5%, 2%, 2.2% and 3.4 percent, respectively.
Back in June, 4.1 lakh samples were analyzed, which have been raised to seven lakh in July and 4 lakh have been analyzed in August up to now.
The worst districts with regard to maximum positivity rate in August are Alwar (10.5percent ), Banswara (8.5percent ), Jodhpur (7.1percent ), Sikar (7 percent ), Bhilwara (6.9percent ), Kota (6.8percent ), Sriganganagar (6.6percent ), Bundi (6.4percent ), Tonk (6.2percent ) and Jaipur (6.1percent ). The situation is painful in Alwar, Jodhpur, Jaipur and Kota, in which positivity rate was rather high compared to bulk of those districts. The situation could have been perfect if more samples were analyzed and positivity rate dropped.
Health minister Raghu Sharma admitted the instances are rising like in almost any other area of this nation but said they had been taking steps to reduce spread of this virus. “We’re also focusing on testing and screening super spreaders. Covid instances have increased from the country at some areas as a result of super spreaders. To restrain such instances, particular focus is on assessing the super spreaders like milk sellers, vegetable sellers, grocers and whoever falls under this group will be assessed effectively so that spread of disease may be stopped,” said Sharma.
Sharma expressed pride that the proportion of recovery rate in the country was greatest one of the 10 larger nations.
in addition, the fatality rate in the country at present is falling quickly. The mortality rate at present is only 1.4%.


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