Covid-19: All except 1 in Jaipur prisons recuperate | Jaipur News


JAIPUR: Each of infected offenders and personnel, except one individual, of the district and central jails at Jaipur, who’d previously tested positive for Covid-19, have been treated. After an outbreak of Covid from both jails, 252 offenders and employees were infected with the virus . However, no death was reported by the 2 jails after health authorities successfully was able to contain the spread of this virus.
The district and central jails seen the epidemic in May. In accordance with health department reports, 252 men were found infected with Covid from both jails of town. Out of them, 251 have now regained.
“From the central prison, 86 individuals, including seven employees, tested positive. They all have been treated except one individual, who’s undergoing therapy in the SMS Hospital,” said Rakesh Mohan Sharma, superintendent, Central Jail, Jaipur.
Health department officials also stated that those tested positive from the district prison also have regained. From the district prison, 166 individuals, such as staff and offenders, had contracted the virus.
On May 11, two inmates were the first to be infected with Covid from the district prison. Among those first two was attracted to the prison from Jamwarangarh at Jaipur district on April 13. Another inmate, that tested positive with him, was detained by Bajaj Nagar police on May 9 and place into a cell with 18 other offenders on May 10. He had been diagnosed with Covid that very following moment.
Following the initial case was reported, that the health department began mass testing and screening of staff and inmates. Observing this, the section set up an isolation centre inside the hospital in which the offenders had tested positive and provided therapy. People who had more complications had been changed to SMS Hospital.


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