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Rajasthan governor Kalraj Mishra speaks to MLAs in Raj Bhavan

JAIPURL Rajasthan seen high political play on Friday if CM Ashok Gehlot attained defence Kalraj Mishra‘s official home with over 100 legislators, such as independents. He fulfilled Mishra and insisted convening the meeting session, which appears intended to establish his strength and also force the hands of the rebels that are looking for protection from disqualification.
The CM and MLAs stayed place for over five hours from approximately two. 30 pm . 35 pm, and raised slogans to get a meeting session as advocated by the state cabinet. Gehlot termed the demonstration a”Gandhian satyagraha”.
Formerly, Gehlot explained,”When the nation’s people currently gherao Raj Bhavan (for not convening the session), we won’t be liable”
The governor responded by expressing distress over Gehlot’s opinions. “My only request to you is that should you and your house division can’t protect the Senate then what’s your view concerning the law and order scenario in the nation? With this, additionally tell me that agency ought to be contacted for the governor’s safety? In my political career, I never heard this kind of statement from some other chief minister,” he wrote.
Sources from the Pilot camp stated that the”threat” was uncalled for central minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat said it had been an action of”goondagardi”.
The decision to convene the meeting is regarded as the prerogative of the authorities and normally the governor has couple of objections, if any. Nevertheless, the political subtext into the occasions has made it a political potboiler.


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