Centuries-old lamp awakens in Ajmer Dargah | Ajmer News


Chiragdan lying on the surface after it dropped down within the Ajmer Dargah

JAIPUR: A centuries-old chiragdan (lamp) fell indoors Ajmer Dargah on Monday when maintenance and repair work was on inside the dargah assumption. The chiragdan, a 10-ft tall lamp carved from white marble, then broke into two pieces following the collapse. But, no injuries have been reported.
Shakil Ahmed, Dargah Nazim (CEO) called the episode’unlucky’. He stated,”For the previous two days, this specific website has been relayed as water seepage had diminished the old arrangement. Now, if it rains throughout the day, the lamp collapsed. We’ve pioneered an enquiry to get the reason for the abrupt collapse of this lamp.”
The CEO further informed that the construction which was happening was being performed in sync with all the protocols. He also added,”This repair work was allowed by me after assessing the gravity of the damage brought on by the seepage of water. Considering that the pilgrims aren’t permitted from the shrine because the lockdown stage 1, the Dargah Committee, a body under the ministry of minority events was carrying out building work in areas that were yelling for repair work because long.
The Khadim (priest) community had flocked into the building work initiated over the dargah. Syed Salman Chishty, a Khadim in the Ajmer Dargah stated,”I need that the central authorities constitutes a legacy committee to explore the topic. No construction work (even for an inch) ought to be carried out before the committee of monuments and heritage specialists gives a green sign,” explained Chishty.
The Khadim community also accused the Dargah Committee of executing the repair job through its own employees, guards and peons, who do not possess the knowledge of repair or construction work. Responding to the allegation,” Ahmed states that their team has been doing the most typical task in building. “Considering that the lockdownthey have really less work, so they have been requested to perform the overall construction work that doesn’t need any ability,” said Ahmed.


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